Good Housekeeping Chicken Caesar Salad

I was brought up with Good Housekeeping recipes, so I was really pleased to see that they have a Chicken Caesar Salad recipe.

This was a very simple recipe, although the chicken needed to be pre-cooked as this isn’t included in the recipe.  The recipe does contain uncooked egg, so if you aren’t keen uncooked eggs you can use mayonnaise.

Rating 7/10


Good Housekeeping Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe


Waitrose Essential Romaine Lettuce Hearts, Waitrose Ciabatta Bread, Anchovy Fillets, Garlic, Waitrose Essential Parmesan Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Egg Yolk, Dijon Mustard

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Good Housekeeping Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe Ingredients



Level of difficulty

The recipe was very simple, but did require a food processor for the dressing. 7/10

Time taken to prepare

It only took about 10 minutes to prepare (as long as the chicken is pre-cooked).  The dressing took the longest. 7/10

The food

The chicken was fairly plain and could probably have done with more seasoning.  The croutons were very crunchy and frying them was definitely a nicer way to prepare them than in the oven.   The dressing was what stood out for me, the mustard was very discernible and for me this was the most authentic caesar dressing so far.   6/10



The main ingredients of the salad didn’t really stand out, although the croutons worked well.  For me the dressing was what made this recipe and I would definitely make it again. 7/10