Gordon Ramsay’s Devilled Caesar Salad with Parma Ham

I have previously tried Gordon Ramsay’s Big Caesar Salad Recipe, so I was interested to see that there was a low-fat caesar salad recipe in his Healthy Appetite cookbook.   I rated his last recipe 7.75/10, so I was keen to see whether his Devilled Caesar Salad with Parma ham would get the same rating.

Gordon Ramsay's Devilled Caesar Salad



Parma ham, Olive oil, Ciabatta, Baby gem, Marinated fresh anchovy fillets, Parmesan, Garlic, Salted anchovy fillets, Paprika, Worcestershire sauce, Natural yogurt 7/10


Level of difficulty

The recipe isn’t difficult, but does require frying the parma ham and toasting the ciabatta 7/10

Parma ham

Time taken to prepare

The recipe doesn’t take long to prepare, but it takes about 10-15 minutes to make the dressing, fry the ham and ciabatta 7/10

Lettuce, croutons and parma ham

The food

The dressing was low-fat and used natural yogurt as a base.  There was a little to much garlic in the dressing for me, so I would probably use a little less. The parma ham is quite salty, which overpowered the salad a bit.  Using less ham would give a better balance.  I haven’t used fresh  anchovy fillets in a salad before and they weren’t as strong as I thought they might be 7/10

Lettuce, croutons parma ham and marinated anchovy fillets


As a lower-fat caesar salad, this was pleasant and if you rebalance the parma ham and garlic, then overall it’s a tasty salad.  The portion isn’t particularly large, so this is definitely a side salad 7/10

Gordon Ramsay's Devilled Caesar Salad



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