Chicken Caesar Panini

Looks great, definitely a must try

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I’ve mentioned this before, but my favorite kitchen appliance is my Panini press. Not only can you make amazing sandwiches and desserts on it but you can also grill other things as well (like the cooked chicken for the recipe could easily be cooked on the Panini press, shrimp, veggies…) without going into the scorching Arizona summer heat. Well, when we first got married, the only salad my husband liked was Caesar salad, so it’s what I ended up making a lot for dinner. We would go through quite a lot of salad dressing and I was always trying new and different brands of Caesar dressing. One day I found Brianna’s Home Style Caesar Dressing with Asiago Cheese… I don’t know what it is about it, but the only thing better than this dressing is real homemade (and not to dis anybody, but I’ll bet it’s even better than some…

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