Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwiches – Iowa Girl Eats

I really enjoy a chicken caesar salad wrap, so I thought I would try this Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwich from Iowa Girl Eats.

Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwich


Chicken, Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, Parsley flakes, Romaine lettuce, Sandwich thins, Butter, Garlic powder. 7/10

Poached Chicken Breast

Level of difficulty

The recipe is straightforward.  You do need to keep an eye on the sandwich thins though, to make sure they don’t burn. 8/10.

Shredded Poached Chicken

Time taken to prepare

The chicken takes a while to poach and the recipe then suggests waiting for it to cool a while before mixing it with the dressing and other ingredients.  It’s not a throw it together sandwich. 6/10

Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwich

The food

I find poached chicken a little bit bland, but it does stay fairly juicy when cooked this way. I liked the way the chicken, dressing and parmesan are mixed together over a heat, before going into the bread.  A good quality caesar dressing is essential for this recipe. The garlic powder was a subtle flavouring, as fresh garlic would probably have been overpowering in this recipe. I have never cooked with sandwich thins before and I’m not sure I really like them.  I would probably use pitta or a bap if I made it again.  7/10

Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwich


This was a great sandwich and as if you prepare the chicken in advance, it wouldn’t take long to cook. 7/10

Pulled Chicken Caesar Sandwich

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