Jamie Oliver’s Proper Chicken Caesar Salad

I like Jamie Oliver’s recipes and usually find them fairly simple to make, so I thought I would give his Proper Chicken Caesar Salad recipe a go.

While the recipe has most of the traditional ingredients, I wasn’t expecting yoghurt and oil.

Rating 6/10

Jamie Oliver's Proper Chicken Caesar Salad


Tesco Improved Welfare Chicken Legs, Tesco British Romaine Lettuce Hearts, Tesco Finest Ciabatta Bread, Anchovy Fillets, Garlic, Fresh Rosemary, Waitrose Essential Parmesan Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pancetta, Greek Yoghurt


IMG_0848  IMG_0850 IMG_0851


Fresh Parmesan

Level of difficulty

Although this wasn’t difficult to prepare, it was a bit fiddly.  There was some guesswork involved in knowing how much olive oil to use in the dressing.  7/10

Time taken to prepare

Because of the chicken leg, this dish took a long time to prepare.  Definitely not one if you are in a hurry. 5/10

The food

Adding the pancetta was nice and added to the flavour.  The chicken leg meat was slightly unusual, as I’m used to chicken breast.  The croutons ended up being overcooked, as they are in the oven for a long time. The rosemary added to the overall flavour.  The dressing was too oily, but perhaps that was because I wasn’t too sure how much to add. 5/10



This was a great salad in general, but I wouldn’t really say that it was a Caesar Salad.  The length of time it takes to prepare, means that it can’t be thrown together in a hurry.  I would probably make it again, but not if I was really wanting a Caesar. 6/10