Hairy Bikers Warm Chicken Caesar Salad

I gave the Hairy Bikers Chicken Caesar Salad a try and 7/10.

The recipe has a good variety of ingredients, to create this healthy low fat caesar salad recipe (272 calories a portion).   Prep  takes a little more that 10 minutes, but overall it’s a quick recipe to make

Rating 7/10

Hairy Bikers Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Homemade Chicken Caesar Salad


Tesco Finest Skinless Chicken Breast, Tesco British Romaine Lettuce Hearts, Waitrose plum cherry tomatoes, Tesco Finest Ciabatta Bread, John West Anchovy Fillets, Waitrose Garlic, Hellemans Light Mayonnaise, Waitrose Essential Parmesan Cheese


Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Ingredients for Hairy Biker’s Warm Chicken Caesar Salad


Level of difficulty

This was very simple to prepare, nothing required any particular skill.  The key is to make sure that the chicken is flattened sufficiently, otherwise it will need to cook for longer. 8/10

Time taken to prepare

Very quick to put together.  The chicken took the longest time to cook.

The food

The ingredients were all very fresh and worked well together.  The chicken was really juicy, although it needed a bit more cooking time than the recipe suggested.  I’ve never made a Caesar dressing before, so making a low-fat dressing as a first one was interesting.  The dressing while not rich did have quite a creamy texture and had a great parmesan flavour, but there was a bit too much garlic in it for me.  The ciabatta worked well in the place of croutons, but had a tendency to absorb the juices from the chicken and some was a little soggy. 7/10


Hairy Biker's Warm Chicken Caesar Salad


I enjoyed the salad even though it was low-fat.  It was nice to have warm chicken, which was very juicy and had a great flavour.  If I made it again I would use less garlic. 7/10

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