BLT Caesar Pasta Salad – Divas Can Cook

Before I became obsessed by Caesar Salad, my favourite food was pasta.  I’m a bit of a carb fiend and pasta quenches my thirst for carbs.  It’s not just the carb fix though, there are so many versatile ways to cook with pasta and it’s such a quick, easy and convenient staple to have in the cupboard.

So I was never going to be doing this for very long, before finding a great Pasta and Caesar Salad dish, it’s like a dream come true.  This BLT Caesar Pasta Recipe  from Divas Can Cook looked like a simple and delicious recipe.

Rating 7.75/10

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad


Pasta, bacon, cherry tomatoes, black olives, caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons 8/10

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

Ingredients for BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

Level of difficulty

Preparation is very simple and if you use a ready-made caesar dressing, it really is just a matter of putting everything together. 8/10

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad


Time taken to prepare

This took a little longer than the recipe, mainly because I didn’t use mini pasta and I also made fresh croutons.  Using ready make dressing also saves on time, it would take longer if you used a good caesar dressing recipe. 8/10

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

Crispy bacon bits

The food

I used some creamy caesar dressing that I had left over, which worked very well with this recipe and it’s definitely worthwhile using a good quality caesar dressing. The flavours weren’t particularly complex and I would add black pepper, if you like a bit more flavour.  If you are look for something a bit different, the recipe would work well if you wanted to add chicken, salmon or tuna.  7/10


Cooking this recipe has encouraged me to seek out more pasta caesar recipes, as I think that the caesar flavours work with pasta. For a simple and quick meal, this works well, but it would be worth making fresh pasta and using a homemade dressing if you really want to add your own stamp to this dish.  7.75/10

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

BLT Caesar Pasta Salad

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