Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe – MyRecipes

I may have mentioned before that pasta is almost as high on my list of favourite foods, as Caesar Salad.  When you basil to the combination, you have a pretty perfect meal in my opinion.  The Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe from MyRecipes looked like a great dish to try.

Caesar Pasta Salad


Pasta, Garlic, Anchovies, Lemon juice, Mayonnaise, Olive oil, Cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, Romaine lettuce, Fresh basil. 6/10

Caesar Dressing

Level of difficulty

There are only 4 steps to this recipe, which is pretty simple. 8/10

Pasta, Tomatoes and caesar dressing

Time taken to prepare

Most of the ingredients can be prepared while the pasta is cooking.  The recipe does however recommend letting the pasta stand for 10 minutes, which adds to the preparation time.  The dressing was very quick. 7/10

Romaine Lettuce and Caesar Dressing

The food

Pasta, parmesan and basil are always a great combination for me.  There was lots of parmesan used in the recipe and the dressing added a lovely caesar twist.  The dressing was a bit citrusy for me, but was still pleasant.  The flavour overall was pleasant, but didn’t really have a great deal of depth. 7/10


This was a good simple pasta dish, which would be easy to put together in a hurry and didn’t really require any special ingredients. If you’re looking for a quick supper dish for the family this would be great, but it’s not really a special occasion recipe. 7/10

Caesar Pasta Salad