Caesar Club Sandwich – Food Network

The ingredients for this Caesar Club Sandwich from Food Network, really appealed to me.  The traditional caesar all crammed into delicious ciabatta bread. This is the first time that I have prepared a dressing using anchovy paste and I was interested to see how the flavour would differ to anchovies in oil.

I gave this recipe a fabulous 8/10!

Caesar Club Sandwich


Chicken breasts, Olive oil, Pancetta, Garlic, Parsley, Anchovy paste, Dijon mustard, Lemon juice, Mayonnaise, Ciabatta bread, Rocket, Sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan 8/10

Caesar Club Sandwich

Level of difficulty

The recipe is very simple, you could probably make the dressing without a food processor, but it is smoother if you use one. 8/10

Caesar Club Sandwich

Time taken to prepare

There is quite a bit of prep for this dish, but most of the ingredients that need to be cooked, can be prepared simultaneously. I used boneless chicken breast, which didn’t take as long to cook as the recipe suggests. 7.5/10

Caesar Club Sandwich

The food

This caesar club sandwich is packed with fabulous flavours. The dressing is really tasty, it could probably have done with being a little bit thicker.  The flavours in the dressing were quite zesty and the anchovy paste seemed to add a slightly more smoky flavour than anchovy fillets. The pancetta and chicken work really well together and the flavours complimented each other.  The sun-dried tomatoes were strong, but as long as you enjoy their flavour, they are great in this dish.  The parmesan and rocket add a final caesar twist to this club.  I used individual ciabatta, which were lovely and fresh.  They were  quite small and with hindsight a bigger loaf might have worked better, to contain all the fabulous ingredients.  8.5/10

Caesar Club Sandwich


I thought this sandwich was amazing.  From the lovely fresh ciabatta, to the intense sun-dried tomatoes and the salty pancetta, every mouthful was a flavour packed winner.  I will definitely be trying this again and this recipe deserves the very high rating of 8/10.

Caesar Club Sandwich

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