Carla Hall’s Turkey Caesar Salad With Leftover Croutons

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, there’s bound to be Turkey and Stuffing left over at this time of the year.  Try this fab fun Turkey Caesar Salad with leftover croutons from Carla Hall.

Turkey Caesar Salad with Leftover Croutons



Romaine lettuce, Cooked turkey, Dried cranberries, Parmesan cheese, Dressing/Stuffing, Olive oil, Anchovy fillets, Garlic, Sherry vinegar, Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard. 8/10

Stuffing Croutons

Level of difficulty

This is an easy recipe mainly using leftovers. 8/10


Time taken to prepare

The croutons need to be cooked in the oven, but everything else can be prepared while they are cooking. 7/10

Caesar Dressing

The food

The dressing had a bit too much garlic and some parmesan in the dressing would have worked.  Other than the garlic, the dressing was pleasant and the sherry vinegar gave it quite a distinctive flavour.  The cranberries, turkey and croutons worked well together, but the parmesan wasn’t really a flavour that I would put with the turkey and stuffing. 8/10

Lettuce, Turkey, Croutons, Cranberries


This is a little taste of Thanksgiving/Christmas in a salad bowl.  While I wouldn’t really call it a caesar salad, the overall taste was great and this is definitely a salad that I would make again. 7.75/10

Turkey Caesar Salad with Leftover Croutons

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