Salmon Caesar Salad – Clean and Delicious

I thought it was time to try a Salmon Caesar Salad Recipe and found this one from Clean and Delicious.  It took a while to find fresh fennel, as it was out of season and I was really hoping that it was going to be worth the effort.

Salmon Caesar Salad


Garlic, Anchovy paste, Dijon mustard, Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Non fat Greek yoghurt, Sourdough bread, Wild Salmon, Romaine lettuce, Fennel, Tomato, Asparagus spears, Parmesan cheese.  6/10

Quick croutons

Level of difficulty

This recipe is mostly chopping and combining, so there is nothing too complicated. However the salmon does need to be cooked in advance and the asparagus steamed.  7/10

Caesar salad dressing

Time taken to prepare

Perhaps if the ingredients are prepared in advance, as the recipe suggests, then it doesn’t take too long to make this dish.  However if you need to cook the salmon, steam the asparagus, chop the remaining salad ingredients and prepare the dressing, it will take some time.  6/10

Cooked wild salmon

The food

The salad was not at all what I was expecting and I found the fennel too overpowering for this dish.  The flavour of the salmon was completely lost and I think that the recipe was trying to be more than it really was.  The dressing while not unpleasant and undoubtedly low-calorie, was more of a yoghurt dressing than a caesar dressing.  I usually enjoy both asparagus and tomato, but I didn’t really feel that they worked in this caesar salad.  4/10

Lettuce, asparagus, fennel, tomato and caesar dressing


This recipe was quite a disappointment for me.  With ingredients such as salmon and asparagus, I think there would be more enjoyable ways to prepare them.  There were too many competing flavours in this salad for my taste and I think something a little simpler would have worked better. 5.75/10

Salmon Caesar Salad

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