Tuna Caesar Salad – Good Chef Bad Chef

At first glance, the ingredients for this recipe look great and I was really looking forward to trying this Tuna Caesar Salad Recipe from Good Chef Bad Chef.   I was somewhat dismayed though when I started to read the recipe.  Find out why I gave this recipe a rating of 6.25/10

Tuna Caesar Salad


Tuna steak, Cos lettuce, Garlic croutons, Poached egg, Bacon, Parmesan, Dijon mustard, Wholegrain mustard, Garlic, Anchovy fillets, Red wine vinegar, Olive oil. 7/10

Garlic Croutons

Level of difficulty

None of the steps to this recipe are particularly difficult, however the recipe itself is not at all detailed.  There is little guidance given on how to make the croutons, no step by step guide to making the dressing, no instructions on when to add the tuna, herbs or pickled anchovies.  The recipe suggests using a vinegar reduction, but gives no guidance on how to do this.  It would have been more helpful if links had been provided to the various more complex steps, if they weren’t going to be included in the recipe. 6/10

Caesar Vinaigrette

Time taken to prepare

The recipe appears to have only 6 steps to it, but this is because there are a large number of steps (such as making the dressing), missing.   There are quite a few elements that require cooking (croutons, bacon, tuna) and the recipe does take some time.  6/10

Seared Tuna Steak

The food

Personally I think that there too many competing flavours in this recipe.  The dressing while pleasant, was definitely a caesar vinaigrette, rather than a more traditional caesar dressing.  The vinegar reduction made the dressing quite overpowering.   Including tuna, bacon and egg in the recipe is probably unnecessary and perhaps excluding the bacon would have been better.  6/10

Lettuce, Bacon and Croutons


The dish wasn’t unpleasant, but I would describe it as a tuna, bacon and egg salad, rather than a Tuna Caesar Salad.  The recipe should be re-written to give more guidance on the preparation required and the bacon should be removed.  I would also substitute the dressing for a caesar dressing. 6.25/10

Tuna Caesar Salad